What is HDF

High-density Fiberboard (HDF) or sometimes more commonly known as Hardboard, is a type of fiberboard similar to particleboard and MDF but is more highly compressed which gives it greater strength, density and hardness.

Density of HDF range from approximately 800 – 1000kg/m3. Unlike particleboard, it will not easily split or crack due its high density properties

High-density Fiberboard (HDF) are often chosen for construction materials and wood product manufacturing. Flooring is a popular use of HDF over wood flooring due to its durability and warp-resistant characteristic. HDF are also used as material for drawers, partitions, circuit board and upholstery backing for strength and resistance to moisture.Besides, HDF are also widely used in loudspeaker manufacturing where it is well known for its shaping versatility and overall positive acoustic response.


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