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Russian Larch is the main softwood species in Russia but with a property like hardwood.  The summerwood of annual rings is wide as springwood which makes larch strong and durable like oak.  It is light yellow-reddish in colour and it was said that the Russian larch possesses bactericide properties, which purify indoor environment and naturally rot resilient.

Larch species is mainly used for building construction, indoor flooring, planking to outdoor siding, decking, scaffolding, garden furniture and railroad tie sleepers


Russian spruce or sometime known as the Christmas tree is a kind of whitewood coniferous tree that is closely related to the Norwegian Spruce. It is mainly used for sawn timber, pallet stock; LVL, Siding and wall planking and finger joint or solid edged glued panels.


Russian Birch is an excellent species for manufacturing of dimension components; finger jointed edged glue panel, flooring, mouldings and other specialty products. It is also the most common species used in plywood production in Russia. Russian Birch also known as Baltic Birch is a fine grain hardwood with white sapwood.

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